Civil union gay couple portraits
April 24, 2013

Witness to History: Civil Unions in Colorado


One of the main reasons we got into photojournalism was a desire to be there when the world changed. We were born after the civil rights movement and too young to be there when the Berlin Wall fell and Communism died, but these moments, frozen and preserved by amazing photographers, were the reason that Chris and I got into the news business. We wanted to to be part of those moments and document them, now we have a chance to witness Civil Unions in Colorado.

Civil Unions are not marriages but it is a step in the right direction, the walls are coming down and even though we are now primarily wedding photographers there will always be that photojournalism itch that we just have to scratch. So we will be in Denver at midnight on May 1, 2013 to be a part of this momentous occasion. We will be acting as both wedding photographers and photojournalists.

Both are things that we are passionate about and rarely do they intersect so perfectly. So we will be at the Webb Building to bear witness and capture the moments as same sex partners make their way toward equal rights under the law. We can’t wait to meet all the new couples.

As we have said before, we believe in love, no exceptions. If you would like to have us photograph your civil union give us a shout. If you disagree with this, we respect your right to do so. But we will be in Denver to watch history be made.

(Above Photo: Dave and Jun were married in Iowa but live here in Colorado. This portrait was taken at their reception for friends and family in Colorado.)


Eric Bellamy
Wedding Photojournalist at Stark Bellamy Photography
Eric Bellamy is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared on the likes of ESPNHS, the New York Times, Denver Post and more. He now focuses on editorial-style wedding photography and portraiture. He lives with his wife and children, and enjoys climbing rock and ice as well as sampling good wine and food in Northern Colorado.