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Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding | Brittany and Matt
On their wedding day, we met this lovely couple at a rental home at the foot of Lee Hill in Boulder. They planned to get ready at the same location, meet for the first look and do some portraits at a couple different locations if possible. As it turned out, it wasn't possible. Best laid plans for a Boulder Mountain Wedding As often happens with weddings, plans go out the window when life intervenes. In this case, the schedule was planned but the reality of the flow of the wedding day made it impossible to do all the things on the schedule. But Brittany and Matt took things in stride. Matt owns the Farm and Smoke food truck so he's no st ...
Catholic Wedding | Colleen and Adam
When the Skype call we schedule with Colleen and Adam included talk of dinosaurs and Arby's, we knew that these two were going to be fun. And when we showed up at Colleen's mother's home in Golden and got a big hug from Colleen like we'd known her all our lives, we knew their Catholic wedding was going to be heartfelt. Getting Ready in Golden Eric had the good fortune to photograph Colleen and her bridesmaids at Colleen's mothers home. He made some great photos of Colleen in her dress and a mini first look for her parents. Meanwhile, I hightailed it over to the Golden Hotel to meet up with the guys for photos. This included a walk along ...
Colorado Wedding Photographers Stark Bellamy Photography Family Wedding Photos bride and groom church steeple portrait
Family Wedding Photos | Dusti & Andrew
So this was a fun one for me! I traveled to Elkhart, IN to do family wedding photos for my cousin's wedding this July and it was special for me to photograph the nuptials of a young man that I have know since he was 5 years-old.  Family Wedding Photos Andrew married Dusti on July 15th after a romance that started when they worked together at Walmart after high school. For me I first met Andrew when my first cousin started dating his mother, Deanna. I was swimming in my grand mother's pool in Jupiter, FL when my older cousin's soon-to-be new family arrived. I was about twelve years old and a pretty good swimmer. My future cousin had never ...
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Della Terra Winter Wedding | Kim and John
Kim and John's Della Terra winter wedding was one for the record books. We have shot many winter weddings in Colorado, but this was the first one with a full on snow storm! I mean people get stranded size snow storm. I know this is not ideal for some but for Kim and John it just made their beautiful wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau even more etherial. Colorado Mountain Wedding Long before their Colorado mountain wedding, Kim and John were high school sweethearts, then life took them in different directions. Both were married, had kids, and started careers. Then years later, John tracked Kim down on Facebook and dropped by her dance s ...
Lionsgate Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers
Larissa and Aaron scored when they booked their Lionsgate Wedding in Broomfield. What better place for a rustic elegant ceremony, yard games, food trucks, gypsygrass and a Stormtrooper? I can't think of one.   Rustic Elegant Ceremony for this Lionsgate Wedding We loved the venue. Everywhere we looked we saw another great spot for photos. We can't think of better words than what we found on Lionsgate's Website: "We welcome all couples in our Colorado wedding venues. The Gatehouse has a grand ballroom, elegant stained glass, antique staircase and other extraordinary features to provide a sophisticated atmosphere. The Dove House wit ...
Scottish Wedding | Amy and Peter
Peter carefully donned every element of his Scottish Highland dress from his McLachlan tartan kilt to his sgian-dubh, or dagger that he kept in his long knitted kilt hose. Some people, if they're going to be in a Scottish Wedding, use decorative daggers that aren't sharp or wont even come out of the sheath. His was real. I checked. Highland Dress for a Scottish Wedding Peter and Amy came to Boulder for their wedding even though they live in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They stayed at the Hotel Boulderado and that's where Eric and I first met them - at least in person. We had Skyped before the wedding to get our ducks in a row, but now, on we ...
Mountain Wedding Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographers | Stacy and John
Stacy and John had the day dialed in. Her father's home in Lyons would provide the perfect backdrop for the perfect Colorado Mountain Wedding. What they didn't know was Colorado's weather had other plans. This couple rolled with the punches and rode the storm out. The Perfect Backyard Mountain Wedding Stacy's father owns a home just outside of Lyons, Colorado where she grew up. She knew it would be the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding. She and John were so happy that the day would happen among friends in a familiar setting. This was no wedding venue but her father moved up his landscaping schedule to be sure his little girl would have ...
Second Wedding – Cindy and Nick | Fort Collins Wedding Photographers
Cindy and Nick had been here before. Both stood on the altar and stared into the eyes of someone else. Both of those marriages brought joy through years of love and children. But there was also pain from the death of a spouse. Now, after loss and pain, came happiness once again in this second wedding. They had found one another and joined their families of adult children and proved that love is patient. Not-so-traditional Second Wedding Nick and Cindy chose to have their ceremony at Christ Center Community Church in Fort Collins where Nick is a member. The bridal party - all family - gathered early to prepare for the big day. We're well ...
Cherokee Castle Wedding castle kiss Tesia and Ryan Colorado Wedding Photographers Stark Bellamy Photography
Cherokee Castle Wedding | Tesia & Ryan
Tesia and Ryan's Cherokee Castle wedding was the perfect venue to have a Disney Princess themed wedding in Colorado! I had the opportunity to second shoot this awesome wedding with Lisa Higginbotham of Oh Snap Productions and am so glad I did! Cherokee Castle Wedding The bride and groom's Cherokee Castle wedding made for a dramatic backdrop especially with the Disney Princess theme. The castle itself was built outside of Sedalia, CO in the 1920's and was designed to look like a 15th century Scottish castle. The neat thing is, it is not cheesy or tacky at all, totally cool actually! Disney Princess Wedding Tesia wanted Disney Princesse ...
Stark Bellamy Photography clock tower portrait at dinner Castle Pines Wedding Colorado Wedding Photography
Castle Pines Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers | Anastasia & Michael
Anastasia and Michael planned a small family Castle Pines wedding at the exclusive country club near Castle Rock, CO. Just 25 or so guests and and the golf course was all they needed for a beautiful wedding. The Country Club at Castle Pines Wedding The first tee was a great place for their Castle Pines wedding. The high position made for great views over the Colorado front range and made for a clear view of the beautiful Colorado sky. The only things sticking up were the iconic country club clock tower and all the amazing trees. The plan was to do some of the formal and bride & groom photos first then the ceremony and some more p ...
Stanley hotel Wedding Grand Staircase Stark Bellamy Photography
Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding Photos from Estes Park Colorado
Why do you plan your wedding at the Stanley Hotel in February? Because it is the Stanley and it is awesome year round! So what if its windy! The Victorian hotel in Estes Colorado is a icon and in case you didn't know, it is also beautiful. A Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding The Classic Colorado Venue Christina and Kenny had a simple plan, they wanted a small Stanley Hotel winter wedding with close friends and family. The ceremony itself would be in the Music Room, again iconic, then they would all move to The Lodge for the mid-day reception. In between the ceremony and reception we would do bridal portraits inside and after the reception we ...
Bride and Groom hold hands in dramatic light at their Windsong Estate Wedding in this photo by Stark Bellamy Photography
Windsong Estate Wedding Fireworks | Brittany and Nick in Fort Collins Colorado
When Brittany and Nick mentioned wedding fireworks for their Windsong Estate Wedding, we were stoked. While there were plenty of sparks between these two, we knew that fireworks exploding in the sky just a couple days ahead of Independence Day would provide the perfect metaphor to tell their story. A Windsong Estate Wedding and a Perfect Plan Their Windsong Estate Wedding near Fort Collins was planned to perfection. The couple planned for an outside wedding with a reception to follow immediately inside. The elegant sophistication of the venue offered a surprising contrast to the surrounding farmlands east of Fort Collins. Amongst this ...
Stanley hotel Wedding Grand Staircase Stark Bellamy Photography
Stanley Hotel Wedding Photos Estes Park, CO | Christina and Kenny
The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO as a wedding venue, what more can we say than AMAZING! There are few places in Colorado as iconic as the Stanley Hotel and Christina and Kenny could not have picked a better place for their intimate family wedding. This was definitely a winter wedding. It was February, the sun was out and the wind was howling, but that didn't interfere with their ceremony. Christina and Kenny got ready in one of the Stanley's rooms - not one of the haunted ones - and as far as we can tell no ghosts showed up in our photos. Christina made her way down the staircase and into the bright Music Room where Kenny and about 30 o ...
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Vail Pop Up Wedding in the Dark
Leslie and Brian were looking for a photographer that wouldn’t get too involved. They wanted a someone who would just stand back and capture the moments at their Vail pop up wedding. We were a perfect fit. Leslie and Brian bucked the traditional trends and designed a wedding to fit the two of them. The idea was simple. Invite all your friends and family to Vail for the weekend and at one point the couple would text out the location of their ceremony to the guests. We knew the time and location of the wedding - behind the Vail Public Library at 8 pm - but the guests would have to wait for the text. The idea was simple but at 8 pm in Vail ...
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Nerd Wedding in Fort Collins | Nicole and Adam
This science nerd wedding in Fort Collins had a definite theme. Nicole and Adam are chemists, they are all about science and its meaning in the world and their relationship. Afterall, they became friends working in a microbiology lab testing for e. coli. SO HOT, right? So what day would they have their wedding on? Pi day of course! If you think about it its pretty cool: pi is 3.1415... so March 14th, 2015 was the date of their wedding. There will not be another 5 digit pi day for 1000 years. What a truly unique day to have your wedding! When we first met Nicole and Adam they said they were planners and savers. They weren't kidding, we b ...
bride laughs retro look photo
Vail Flash Mob Wedding | Leslie & Brian
This was truly a unique Four Seasons Vail flash mob wedding! The wedding plan was this; none of the guests knew where the ceremony was going to be. Guest were invited to Vail, CO for the weekend, but had no idea what was going to happen from there. A few hours before the wedding a text message went out, telling guests where to show up for the popup wedding.They were all to meet in a small park along the river at 8:30PM. There they would find LED candles and Champagne. Leslie and Brian did not want a normal wedding so obviously they also did not want normal wedding photos. No photos of them getting ready, no posed photos, no details ...
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Lesbian Wedding in Denver | Asher & Nicole
Asher and Nicole's free expression, lesbian wedding in Denver was all about them. You can see from their wardrobe choices to their gift giving, that what mattered to these two was their individuality and the special time together. The plan was simple: Asher a therapist, and Nicole a professional dominatrix, would exchange gifts after checking in at the Crawford hotel at Union Station. Then, they would get dressed together and exchange more gifts. Next, a limo ride to the Denver County Courthouse were they would have a small ceremony followed by family photos. Back in the limo for a trip to the hotel blasting their song "Laid" by James. A r ...
Fort Collins Wedding | Brittany & Nick
Brittany and Nick had a perfect plan for their wedding east of Fort Collins Colorado. They would have a their ceremony outside at Windsong Estate Event Center then a big party for the reception indoors, but Mother Nature had other plans. OH! and they had WEDDING FIREWORKS!!! As often happens on a Colorado summer afternoon, one heck of a thunderstorm rolled in. The skies opened up and it dumped, then continued to drizzle and the wind blew. After delaying for over an hour the decision was made to move the ceremony inside. A quick chair setup and some rose petals sprinkled around and the Colorado outdoor wedding became an indoor wedding. N ...
DIY country Wedding
DIY Country Wedding in Berthoud, Colorado | Amy & Aaron
Check out this DIY Country Wedding in northern Colorado! Amy and Aaron met while working at the Colorado Division of Wildlife and their courtship played out in duck blinds, camouflaged turkey calls and in the fruitless pursuit of elk for their freezer. So it should be no surprise that their wedding reflect their outdoor courtship and lifestyle. Everything from the bouquets and boutonnieres to the deer summer sausage was do-it-yourself. Even the location was a pheasant hunting club located near Longmont, Colorado. Please enjoy our gallery of their beautiful country wedding. Click here to book your DIY country wedding.   ...
brookside gardens wedding
Brookside Gardens Wedding | Lexy & Jonathan
Lexy and Jonathan's Brookside Gardens wedding in Berthoud, Colorado was a beautiful affair. The bride and groom are deeply religious so god was in many aspects of this Brookside Gardens wedding. Family, prayer and communion figured prominently in this beautiful ceremony. Lexy's father did a surprise presentation of a key to Jonathan during the ceremony that was heart warming and emotional. Oh and did we mention Jonathan is in the United States Navy? He was rocking the medals and his dress blues, we thought it was pretty awesome military wedding! We would definitely suggest a Brookside Gardens Wedding! The venue is awesome and there ...
Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding
Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding | Kathryn & David
A wedding in the mountains of Colorado with a gorgeous venue, Mount Vernon Country Club, and an amazing sunset, who could ask for more? David and Kathryn know how to throw a party, from amazing food and a gelato bar to a packed dance floor, these guys hit it out of the park with their Mount Vernon wedding. Both the bride and groom have a great sense of humor so the ceremony was not without laughs. Check out the photos where David pretends he can't get the ring on her finger! Sooo funny! Have you been to Mount Vernon Country Club? If you are still looking for a venue, go check them out! There are on top of Lookout Mountain above Gol ...
Denver Wedding The Sanctuary
Denver Wedding at The Sanctuary | Christina & Adam
Christina and Adam's Denver Wedding at The Sanctuary in the historic Highlands neighborhood. Their urban Denver wedding at The Sanctuary in June proved to be a perfect mix of casual atmosphere and genuine sentiment that served as the perfect backdrop to begin this new stage of their lives. Click here to book your urban wedding. What can we say about The Sanctuary? This Denver landmark in LoHi made for a great backdrop to the wedding. Everyone has seen the old church as they drive into Denver but you really need to go inside and check it out!   Wedding Venue: The Sanctuary Wedding Planner: Muse Events
Colorado Wedding
Colorado Wedding | Caitlin & Eric
What can we say about this great Colorado wedding at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud? Caitlin and Eric really know how to put the personal details on their special day. Family was in every aspect of the ceremony, from the flannel hearts made from her grand father's shirt sewn into the dress to the portraits of grandparents attached to the bouquet. OH! and check out the expression on Eric's face when he gets the boudoir album from Caitlin. AWESOME! This wedding in Colorado really knocked it out of the park! Thinking about having your Colorado Wedding at Brookside Gardens? Their new arbor/pergola is a site to behold and it makes for gr ...
colorado wedding photos groomsman portrait
Favorite Colorado Wedding Photos
Some of our favorite Colorado wedding photos. Colorado Wedding photos from over the years in locations from Estes Park, Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Berthoud and Mead, Colorado. Click here to book your wedding.We travel all over the west photographing weddings in our unique photojournalism style. There are also a few photos from a Portland, Oregon wedding in here! Not sure if we can shoot your mountain wedding in Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Keystone or anywhere else in Colorado, the west or any where on Earth? Give us a call, text, or email. We love shooting in new places.
Union Station Wedding Portrait Denver
Denver Wedding at Redline Gallery | Jo & Paul | Colorado Wedding Photographers
Jo and Paul's Denver wedding at Redline Gallery in Colorado was both elegant and simple in its beauty. The couple chose an urban-style Denver wedding and engagement which was so great to photograph. The stark white art gallery walls with aspen trees made for great details to shoot the wedding. For the wedding portraits and formals the iconic Union Station in LoDo highlighted the urban feel of the day. The candle lit ceremony gave a warmth and romance to the nuptials that is hard to beat. Click here to book your elegant Denver wedding.   Venue: Redline Gallery Wedding Dress Shop: Andrisen Morton Wedding Dress Desig ...
destination wedding mexico beach kiss
Destination Wedding Photography
Destination wedding photography from Florida, Mexico and Cleveland. We love to travel and we love to photograph in new and exciting locations. Eric was even married in a small ceremony on the beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. So he knows what it is like to plan and execute a wedding in another country. You'll notice there aren't many destination wedding photos here. You can help us change that. Please contact us for special destination pricing as we build our destination portfolio.  
same sex marriage A couple kisses during the first Civil Union ceremony in Denver
Same Sex Marriage
Same Sex Marriage is quickly becoming a reality around the country and we couldn't be happier! We were honored to be present as so many couples celebrated the State of Colorado's decision to allow Civil Unions on May 1, 2013. We met so many great couples who had waited so long for what many Americans take for granted. The love in the room was unmistakeable. Now that Same Sex Marriage is legal in Colorado and gaining a foothold elsewhere, we're starting to get more inquiries about weddings for same-sex couples. If you're interested in talking to us about your wedding, drop us a line.
bride and groom kiss portrait
Estes Park Wedding at Della Terra Moutain Chateau | Katie & Shane
Katie and Shane's Estes Park Wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau, Colorado. The amazing and picturesque venue near Rocky Mountain National Park was a gorgeous location for an amazing and beautiful wedding. Imagine a perfect day in Colorado for a Estes Park wedding at Della Terra, then a gorgeous bride and one lucky groom, and to top it all off, a French wine chateau but in the Rockies. Talk about a perfect Colorado Mountain Wedding!!! Every thing from the ceremony site with a mountain background, to the wild flowers to the vaulted ceiling of Della Terra makes this one of the most beautiful wedding venues in all of Colorado. Oh! We ...