Stark Bellamy Photography clock tower portrait at dinner Castle Pines Wedding Colorado Wedding Photography
Castle Pines Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers | Anastasia & Michael
Anastasia and Michael planned a small family Castle Pines wedding at the exclusive country club near Castle Rock, CO. Just 25 or so guests and and the golf course was all they needed for a beautiful wedding. The Country Club at Castle Pines Wedding The first tee was a great place for their Castle Pines wedding. The high posit ...
Stanley hotel Wedding Grand Staircase Stark Bellamy Photography
Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding Photos from Estes Park Colorado
Why do you plan your wedding at the Stanley Hotel in February? Because it is the Stanley and it is awesome year round! So what if its windy! The Victorian hotel in Estes Colorado is a icon and in case you didn't know, it is also beautiful. A Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding The Classic Colorado Venue Christina and Kenny had a sim ...
Bride and Groom hold hands in dramatic light at their Windsong Estate Wedding in this photo by Stark Bellamy Photography
Windsong Estate Wedding Fireworks | Brittany and Nick in Fort Collins Colorado
When Brittany and Nick mentioned wedding fireworks for their Windsong Estate Wedding, we were stoked. While there were plenty of sparks between these two, we knew that fireworks exploding in the sky just a couple days ahead of Independence Day would provide the perfect metaphor to tell their story. A Windsong Estate Wedding and a ...
Stanley hotel Wedding Grand Staircase Stark Bellamy Photography
Stanley Hotel Wedding Photos Estes Park, CO | Christina and Kenny
The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO as a wedding venue, what more can we say than AMAZING! There are few places in Colorado as iconic as the Stanley Hotel and Christina and Kenny could not have picked a better place for their intimate family wedding. This was definitely a winter wedding. It was February, the sun was out and the ...
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Vail Pop Up Wedding in the Dark
Leslie and Brian were looking for a photographer that wouldn’t get too involved. They wanted a someone who would just stand back and capture the moments at their Vail pop up wedding. We were a perfect fit. Leslie and Brian bucked the traditional trends and designed a wedding to fit the two of them. The idea was simple. Invite ...
bride smile during ceremony
Nerd Wedding in Fort Collins | Nicole and Adam
This science nerd wedding in Fort Collins had a definite theme. Nicole and Adam are chemists, they are all about science and its meaning in the world and their relationship. Afterall, they became friends working in a microbiology lab testing for e. coli. SO HOT, right? So what day would they have their wedding on? Pi day of cour ...
bride laughs retro look photo
Vail Flash Mob Wedding | Leslie & Brian
This was truly a unique Four Seasons Vail flash mob wedding! The wedding plan was this; none of the guests knew where the ceremony was going to be. Guest were invited to Vail, CO for the weekend, but had no idea what was going to happen from there. A few hours before the wedding a text message went out, telling guests where ...
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Lesbian Wedding in Denver | Asher & Nicole
Asher and Nicole's free expression, lesbian wedding in Denver was all about them. You can see from their wardrobe choices to their gift giving, that what mattered to these two was their individuality and the special time together. The plan was simple: Asher a therapist, and Nicole a professional dominatrix, would exchange gifts ...
Fort Collins Wedding | Brittany & Nick
Brittany and Nick had a perfect plan for their wedding east of Fort Collins Colorado. They would have a their ceremony outside at Windsong Estate Event Center then a big party for the reception indoors, but Mother Nature had other plans. OH! and they had WEDDING FIREWORKS!!! As often happens on a Colorado summer afternoon, one h ...