invitations during ceremony
May 14, 2013

Spare Me the Details


The devil is in the details, right? OK, maybe not in this case. But, if you looked through our galleries, you may notice that we don’t have a lot of wedding detail photos. Why, you may ask?

Here’s the deal: we think, and I hope you’ll agree, that the most important part of any wedding are first and foremost the bride and groom, then their family and friends. We would rather be shooting the people involved in the wedding than the stuff on the tables.

rings in wheatgrass centerpiece

There are several reasons why we don’t show a whole bunch of details. First, we like people. The best photos from any wedding are the candid moments and emotions that happen naturally. If we were trying to shoot the “perfect” picture of a centerpiece for half an hour we might miss your mom kissing you or miss a photo of the groomsmen doing a round of shots. Second, we are paranoid! As journalists we were always operating at a heightened state of awareness. You don’t want to miss “the shot” and heaven forbid get burned by a photographer from a competing newspaper. We shoot weddings with the same intensity. We do not want to miss anything and if we are spending a lot of time posing a pair of shoes we will always have a nagging feeling that there is something important happening.

Bride, gerbera daisy and tattoosFinally, think about what photos you will show your children in 15 years. A picture of your shoes on the window sill or that moment when your great aunt danced to “Thriller” with the bride’s maids?

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll shoot pictures of the tables and the wedding cake and anything else you want us to. After all, we work for the bride and groom and we will shoot what you want when you want it. But the details are about as low as you can get on our priority list when we are at a wedding. If you hired Stark Bellamy based on our portfolio you didn’t hire us to shoot details, you chose us to shoot you and the people around you on your special day.

Launch some carrier pigeons or simply give us a call to talk to us about the important moments of your wedding day, oh and the detail shots too.



Eric Bellamy
Wedding Photojournalist at Stark Bellamy Photography
Eric Bellamy is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared on the likes of ESPNHS, the New York Times, Denver Post and more. He now focuses on editorial-style wedding photography and portraiture. He lives with his wife and children, and enjoys climbing rock and ice as well as sampling good wine and food in Northern Colorado.