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May 20, 2015

Vail Flash Mob Wedding | Leslie & Brian

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This was truly a unique Four Seasons Vail flash mob wedding!

The wedding plan was this; none of the guests knew where the ceremony was going to be. Guest were invited to Vail, CO for the weekend, but had no idea what was going to happen from there.

A few hours before the wedding a text message went out, telling guests where to show up for the popup wedding.They were all to meet in a small park along the river at 8:30PM. There they would find LED candles and Champagne.

Leslie and Brian did not want a normal wedding so obviously they also did not want normal wedding photos. No photos of them getting ready, no posed photos, no details (there were none). That was fine with us, as former photojournalists we are use to shooting events with little or no idea of how things were going to go down. When we did find out the wedding plan, we breathed a small sigh of relief. We had shot something like this many times in our newspaper days.

The problem was that there was going to be virtually no light.Two hours before the wedding, Leslie met Brian in Vail Village for the first look, a stroll through a culinary and wine fair for Veuve Clicquot and the walk to the Four Seasons Vail for a pre-wedding dinner with their families.After dinner, the happy but nervous couple walked to the park to exchange vows by the light of lanterns held by Brian’s daughter and LED candles held by the guests. The wedding lasted 10 minutes then Champagne was popped, licenses were signed and every one headed back to the Four Seasons for drinks.

This was an amazing wedding, not just for the location and the style but for the intensity of the ceremony. We hope we get to shoot another wedding like this again!


Reception Venue: Four Seasons Vail

Bride’s Dress: Little White Dress Bridal Shop

Groom’s Suit: Ted Baker


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