Mirrored glasses smokes in front of Broadway restaraunt.
March 13, 2013

Unique Streets and Weddings


Half a day on south Broadway and not one bride! We looked and looked but nothing so we just decided to take photos of the people and architecture in one of my favorite parts of Denver. Actually, Chris and I spent the whole winter hunched over our computers building and launching the new Stark Bellamy Photography site and we needed to shoot some photos for the sake of fun and nothing else. No rules, no goal, just go take some cool photos and enjoy the simple art of it.

A man walks past a red tunnelWe both agreed that a day in Denver, and ultimately on Broadway, would be fun and a great way to stay sharp for shooting the coming wedding season. The best part of street photography is the unpredictable nature of it. It is all about shooting fly-on-the-wall and sometimes literally from the hip.

Here is the interesting part to me. Chris and I shot pretty differently from one another. Not right or wrong just different. I think this is why our wedding photography works. Our styles while slightly different are complimentary. This means we can bring a dynamic and varied approach to your wedding. Every bride and groom are different and no two weddings are the same, just like street photo sessions, there are always slight differences that make them unique. As photojournalists we are trained to make great photos with what we have. To use the environment, no matter what it is, to create beautiful photos.

Let us know if we can make your wedding day unique, special and like no other.

Dirty window phone converstaion at bus stop

Eric Bellamy
Wedding Photojournalist at Stark Bellamy Photography
Eric Bellamy is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared on the likes of ESPNHS, the New York Times, Denver Post and more. He now focuses on editorial-style wedding photography and portraiture. He lives with his wife and children, and enjoys climbing rock and ice as well as sampling good wine and food in Northern Colorado.