March 22, 2013

Photo Booth – Shepherd Valley Waldorf School Auction


What happens when you give people beer and margaritas and dress them up like farmers. In this case good photos. I was asked to do a photo booth at he annual auction for Shepherd Valley Waldorf School where my daughter, Sequoia, is a 4th grader. I had never done a photo booth before and was a bit hesitant but I was excited to see the results. It was a way for us to test the waters before offering a photo booth service to clients. I even convinced Eric, twisting his arm with auction dinner offerings by the likes of Salt, Colterra,Black Cat Bistro and Zucca Italian Ristorante.

20130316 SVWS Auction 003

I thought it was a bust at first. We offered two sessions: one during the cocktail hour while people were bidding on silent auction items and another after dinner. The sensible people opted for the early session, knowing as wine, margs and beer flowed, all inhibitions would go out the window. But few were sensible. Eric took the early shift, photographing maybe three or so groups, and opted to leave early to relieve the babysitter. After an announcement following dinner and the live auction, folks were invited to the photo booth on their way to the dance floor. I had a line waiting by the time I got back to the booth. This looked like the uninhibited rowdy crowd. I took a deep breath and entered the fray.

What followed was a fun hour or so of shooting people having fun. I didn’t really have to direct much. Most people got into it by selecting just the right straw hat and farm implement or miniature straw bale. It was another way for people to support their school and have a great time at the auction. I’m a believer. My early reservations about doing a photo booth turned into a desire to always offer them at weddings and other events. What better way to celebrate than put on an outfit and tap into your inner ham and document a moment in which you and your friends can let it all hang out. This time straw hats and hay bales; how about feather boas and bow ties at your next event?

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Chris Stark
Wedding Photojournalist at Stark Bellamy Photography
Chris Stark is an award-winning photojournalist and former news photographer who honed his craft at several Colorado newspapers. Documentary wedding photography translates perfectly into Chris' fly-on-the-wall style. Chris lives in Longmont, Colorado with his wife and daughter and spends his free time on the bike or hiking with his family.