Staying Sharp with Red Rocks Easter Sunrise
Sometimes the phone rings and it's not a potential bride or groom looking for a photographer but a voice from our past. An editor from a newspaper or magazine phones us to cover an event or illustrate an article for a magazine. We usually jump at the chance to mix things up a bit. My good friend Gabriel Christus who works for Evergreen Newspapers, called to ask me to fill in for him while he vacationed in Costa Rica. I have a soft spot for the newspaper group. My journalism career began as a freelancer for Evergreen Newspapers doing work for their group of papers: the Canyon Courier, Columbine Courier, High Timber Times and Clear Creek Cou ...
Groom cries at wedding
My Personal Destination Wedding Experience
Last week I started telling the story of my beach wedding in Costa Rica and we had just about arrived the ceremony. I'm going to back up a bit her for a minute and explain how we handled the planning of everything from the flowers to the cake and most importantly the guests. Way back in 2006 there was no Facebook, iPhone or Android and email was still spotty in Puerto Viejo. The electricity would go out fairly regularly and when it was on, people did not check Facebook or their computer regularly like they do now. Not to mention that the Costa Ricans live on Tico Time, which basically means everything moves a lot slower. This can be aggr ...
Quality Wedding Photography…Versus Quantity
How many photos do you shoot during a wedding? We get this question a lot. And the answer is usually in the thousands depending on the time our client wants us to invest in their wedding day. The answer usually generates a surprised look and a "wow" from the questioner. The second question is usually how many do you give the couple. This answer often has the same reaction. Eric and I shoot a lot. At a recent wedding our frame count numbered somewhere around 3,000-4,000 photos. Why so many? The day is filled with little moments. So much is happening. We might take 20, 50 or 100 photos of each moment we're witnessing. We're constantly shoo ...
Kiss on Costa Rica Beach
Personal Wedding Experience
Personal experience counts when it comes to wedding photography. Chris and I have talked about our photographic experience quite a bit, but we haven't talked at all about our individual weddings. A wedding is one of the biggest moments in your life, it is when you commit yourself to one person for the rest of your lives. It is second only to having children. My wife Khalana and I decided to go big and small all in one destination wedding in Costa Rica. Khalana and I had lived together for several years before I proposed. It was a forgone conclusion that we were going to be married, but we still hadn't committed to a date let alone a ...
Photo Booth – Shepherd Valley Waldorf School Auction
What happens when you give people beer and margaritas and dress them up like farmers. In this case good photos. I was asked to do a photo booth at he annual auction for Shepherd Valley Waldorf School where my daughter, Sequoia, is a 4th grader. I had never done a photo booth before and was a bit hesitant but I was excited to see the results. It was a way for us to test the waters before offering a photo booth service to clients. I even convinced Eric, twisting his arm with auction dinner offerings by the likes of Salt, Colterra,Black Cat Bistro and Zucca Italian Ristorante. I thought it was a bust at first. We offered two sessions: o ...
colorado governor john hickenlooper
We Believe in Love
Senate Bill 11 is headed to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to sign, making civil unions legal in Colorado. Chris and I hope that the Governor does so, taking the next step towards full marriage for same sex couples. We believe that people are people and that love cannot be defined or categorized. We believe that anybody has the right to live with, marry, or do what ever they like, with the person they love. If that couple is African American, Hispanic, white, Asian, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or cisgender or any combination, they have the right to be happy and be protected by the same laws that protect everybody else. We a ...
Unique Streets and Weddings: Part Deux
I was nervous. Eric took the east side of Broadway in Denver and I took the west. It was a different kind of decision than who gets to cover the bride and who gets the groom. For some reason I had that same feeling I did back in college on my first assignment to photograph someone I didn't know. Unlike weddings, when people are dressed to the nines and happy and expect to be photographed, street photography is about blending in and secretly photographing people when they are unaware to hopefully reveal a larger truth about the scene in which the subject finds itself. Yeah, I was nervous. I had become good at street photography while workin ...
Mirrored glasses smokes in front of Broadway restaraunt.
Unique Streets and Weddings
Half a day on south Broadway and not one bride! We looked and looked but nothing so we just decided to take photos of the people and architecture in one of my favorite parts of Denver. Actually, Chris and I spent the whole winter hunched over our computers building and launching the new Stark Bellamy Photography site and we needed to shoot some photos for the sake of fun and nothing else. No rules, no goal, just go take some cool photos and enjoy the simple art of it. We both agreed that a day in Denver, and ultimately on Broadway, would be fun and a great way to stay sharp for shooting the coming wedding season. The best part of street ph ...
bride and groom kiss on beach
Destination: Your Wedding
Eric and I need a vacation. Even though we are far from the busiest part of our year our thoughts are turning to sand beaches and balmy breezes. This isn't to say we feel overworked - we're just feeling the itch to travel and shoot. Each of us has shot beaches weddings - Eric even got married on a beach - so it's not uncharted territory for us. We are often asked if we shoot destination weddings. The answer, whether you're getting married on Clearwater Beach in Florida or the beach in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico, is a definite yes. It must be the adventurous side of us but we love to travel and work. There's something about traveling to an ...
bride in elevator
Just a Light Bulb or a Bright Idea?
As I mentioned in my Beware the Flasher post some times the only light available is either on camera flash or a few weak little light bulbs. Here is another place where the light source separates the professional wedding photographer from Uncle Frank. It is putting it politely to say that most wedding photographers are not fond of incandescent light (most light bulbs). It is generally dim and its color temperature is really orange. The latter can be compensated for or fixed in post production but low light is low light. Despite the issues we have with them they can create some dramatic effects. In a dark room they leave little ...