Resources for Weddings affected by the Colorado Floods
After the rushing waters recede and emergency efforts turn to recovery, other pressing concerns come to light. In the thick of this epic flood event, Eric and I were scheduled to attend the Bridal Festivals bridal show in Loveland last Sunday but organizers rescheduled to September 29. It's one of many events forced to reschedule because of flooding. Fall is a very popular time for weddings in Colorado and many were scheduled to take place in the flood-affected areas like Estes Park and Lyons. We have compiled a list of resources that may help you save the day. With information coming and going so fluidly in a crisis like this, it is by no ...
Please Help the Citizens of Northern Colorado
First of all, we hope all of our fellow Coloradans are OK! We are taking a break from wedding talk to show some flooding photos and ask you to donate to the Red Cross. It's going to take a while for all of us here in Northern Colorado to dig out. We don't even have a handle on how bad it is up here yet. As I've said before photojournalism is an itch that I just have to scratch sometimes. When something like all this flooding happens I feel compelled to go out and cover it. After I was sure that my family and friends were safe, I bagged my cameras and walked a few blocks down to the St. Vrain River to see what was happening. Its funny ...
Enironmental Landcaper portrait
Ready for Anything
Yes we shoot weddings! We also do environmental portraits and senior portraits. In this case my wife needed environmental portraits of the crew at Ethos Landscape. They were working in a yard nearby and the wanted some portraits of them actually doing what they do. It was a really hot sunny August day with the mercury pushing towards 100 degrees! Always ready to go, I grabbed my cameras and a few lights and headed out to shoot Khalana, Drew, Derrick, and Cody digging in the dirt. How does this tie into wedding photos and senior portraits? We can make great photos in almost any conditions. Even in the blazing heat and the awful light o ...
groom laughs as he dances with his bride for the first time
Avoiding Disaster in Fort Collins
Jamie held it together like no bride I've known. She watched as the skies over the Fort Collins Marriott threatened to dump rain on her wedding day. Then rumors of a tornado warning circulated the hotel room where she and her bridesmaids primped for the ceremony. I even overheard someone worry about the integrity of the dam that held Horsetooth Reservoir's water back from flowing into the prairie where the ceremony would be. Such was the atmosphere as I photographed this stoic bride on one of the biggest days of her life. It was only when the rain came - and it came in buckets - that she let her tears fall. I heard the rain before I saw it ...
wedding portrait
Jamie and Chris Casual in Fort Collins
There were a few frightening and tense moments as the skies over Fort Collins opened up dropping buckets of rain and hail to the near continuous rumble of thunder. There were even tornado warnings. Miraculously it only sprinkled a bit at the venue and the ceremony and reception went off with out a hitch for Jamie, Chris and their two-year-old son Cole. We had a great time at the outdoor wedding near Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. The venue was the backyard of family friend Junior Garza and they couldn't have picked a better spot. There was a wooded area for photos, plenty of space for kids to play and a dance floor and two cove ...
DIY Wedding Details
You you might get the impression that we aren't fans of detail photos, especially if you've read our recent blog post Spare Me the Details. It's true, we would rather shoot people than inanimate objects - that comes from years of telling visual stories as photojournalists. But, when it comes to some weddings like the one we shot for Amy and Aaron that included so many unique touches, we can't help ourselves. Amy created many of the things you see in the photos from the bouquets and boutonnieres fashioned from french magazine text and pheasant feathers to signage that peppered the reception tent, helping to guide guests through the event. E ...
Engagement Session with a 2 Year-Old
When does a free engagement session turn into a family photo session? When a 2 year-old comes along! Jamie and Chris will be getting married soon and before we shoot the wedding they wanted to include their son Cole in the engagement session. No problem! Chris and I are both parents, one of my kids is two and we also do family portraits. So we both know how to work with small children and frankly really enjoy them. They are however always a wild card. The thing about kids and especially little ones is that no matter what is going on around them, in their minds they are the priority. Cole was acting every bit his age, so what are w ...
DIY Done Right: Amy and Aaron’s Wedding
I come from a long line of DIYers. My family is known for putting things together on a shoestring budget, not only to stretch a dollar but to look back at a well-planned event with a sense of accomplishment. Such was the feeling I got as I photographed Amy and Aaron's DIY Country Wedding. Amy did a fantastic job creating her own bouquets and decorations and Aaron made sure her vision was carried out as planned. Eric and I knew going into it that it would be a photogenic affair at Stillroven Farm but it's always good to see just how the plans manifest on the busy day. I was tasked with photographing the groom before the event so I arrived e ...
Bride runs in the country
DIY Country Wedding: Amy and Aaron
Ever been to a wedding with gun play? Amy and Aaron had a shotgun wedding of a different sort.  The bride and groom met while working at the then Colorado Division of Wildlife and their courtship played out in duck blinds, camouflaged turkey calls and in the fruitless pursuit of elk for their freezer. So it should be no surprise that they decided to marry at a private pheasant hunting reserve. The rustic beauty of Stillroven Farm made a great backdrop for the country style wedding. Amy and Aaron exchanged vows under a snow ball bush on the farm house lawn, then walked over to one barn to shoot portraits, then to another barn for the BBQ di ...
Medieval Games and Weddings
A long time ago, way before I became a photojournalist or a wedding photographer I was asked to shoot a Medieval wedding. I jumped at the chance. The only caveat was that I had to dress the part. I didn't mind. Dressing up as a Medieval monk seemed more appealing than donning a suit and tie. And the outfit doubled as a Jedi costume for the next Halloween. Recently, I was asked to photograph another Medieval event - this time the Waldorf School Medieval Games. My daughter, Sequoia, is a 4th grader who goes to Shepherd Valley Waldorf School and this event is a rite of passage for the 6th graders at all the regional Waldorf schools. Student ...