bridal party walking along snowy path
Location, Location, Location
Probably the most important decision around planning your wedding day is picking the perfect location. We have shot weddings on mountain tops in Estes Park and at recreation centers in the city. And, at the end of the day, no matter where the marriage happened, the happy couple loved their photos. Either way, taking the time to think about how photogenic the location can really help when selecting the right venue. Eric and I love photographing mountain weddings. The light is plentiful, the scenery is amazing and we both spend a lot of our free time in the great outdoors anyway, so the more the better. Couple that with a group of happy peop ...
invitations during ceremony
Spare Me the Details
The devil is in the details, right? OK, maybe not in this case. But, if you looked through our galleries, you may notice that we don't have a lot of wedding detail photos. Why, you may ask? Here's the deal: we think, and I hope you'll agree, that the most important part of any wedding are first and foremost the bride and groom, then their family and friends. We would rather be shooting the people involved in the wedding than the stuff on the tables. There are several reasons why we don't show a whole bunch of details. First, we like people. The best photos from any wedding are the candid moments and emotions that happen naturally. ...
couple listens to officiant during ceremony
5 Factors to Consider for Ceremony Time
There are many things to consider when planning your wedding ceremony, two of the big ones is what time to have it and which direction to face. These of course effect where the sun will be, the temperature as well as mountains and other landmarks will be in the photos. While Chris and I don't like to be involved in such decisions (it is your wedding we just document it), here are some factors to consider that way effect photography and your guests: 1. Weather: The weather in Colorado is predictably unpredictable. In a normal year (non drought) we may have afternoon thunderstorms that can be quick and pretty or long gully washers. If ...
lesbian couple holds civil union certificate
Witness to History: A Joyful Room
As a journalist I have been in many places were people are happy and having a good time. The same with shooting weddings; there is a room full of happy people because two people they love were just joined in marriage. Now imagine that there where hundreds of couples all of whom had been waiting for years and even decades to join hands, exchange rings and sign their names. That was the scene in the Webb Municipal building in Denver on Tuesday night as the clock ticked towards midnight, May 1st and civil unions. The atrium buzzed with energy as couples filled out their application and waited to go through the process before standing in front of ...
Witness to History: Bridging two Worlds
I kept checking in with myself throughout the night and into the wee hours of May 1. I asked myself: "What is my role? Why am I here?" For years I've covered events similar to Wednesday's event in which the first Civil Unions recognized by the State of Colorado took place. Seldom have the past events affected such a large swath of the community. And, for the first time I was not covering an event for a news organization. Finding a Way to Bridge Two Worlds Amidst the Joy of Civil Unions Here's how it has gone historically for me: I make a photo. I smile and walk up to the subject and ask for their name and some more pertinent info that goes ...
same sex couple cake in face at reception
Witness to History: More Details on Our Civil Union Coverage
Eric and I have been stoked by the reaction to our most recent post about our coverage of the May 1 Civil Union events in Denver. We know there are a lot of passionate people out there but when our original post started to go viral, we knew we had struck a chord. Rather than wax poetic about how much we love covering events like this or how a group of people is finally getting closer to a basic civil right - Eric eloquently spoke about that in his first post - this one will be more informative about how we plan to execute our coverage. We hope to be at the McNichols Civic Center Building early on the evening of April 30 to see what's going ...
Civil union gay couple portraits
Witness to History: Civil Unions in Colorado
One of the main reasons we got into photojournalism was a desire to be there when the world changed. We were born after the civil rights movement and too young to be there when the Berlin Wall fell and Communism died, but these moments, frozen and preserved by amazing photographers, were the reason that Chris and I got into the news business. We wanted to to be part of those moments and document them, now we have a chance to witness Civil Unions in Colorado. Civil Unions are not marriages but it is a step in the right direction, the walls are coming down and even though we are now primarily wedding photographers there will always be that ...
leather wedding album cover
Gorgeous New Albums
"The new phone books are here!" The new phone books are here!" Ooops I meant wedding albums, I am just so excited. OK it is not as cool as a new phone book, but we are pretty stoked for our new sample album that arrived this week. The black leather and debosed "Stark Bellamy Photography" cover, the heavy lay-flat pages and the gorgeous photos just ooze class! It looks really good and here's why; we are former newspaper guys, we love to see our photos in print. They may look good on a monitor but there is just something special about holding them in your hand. The photos become more real somehow, they come to life. Putting photos o ...
photo of MacBook Pro with Album layout
Creating the Stark Bellamy Wedding Album
Stark Bellamy Photography is moving into uncharted territory and we're excited for the opportunity. We recently booked a booth at the Bridal Festivals show in Loveland and the preparations for the show have been fun and challenging. For the booth we've opted for the minimalist approach to suit our photojournalistic style. Simplicity allows the photos to speak for themselves. Of course, we love talking about what we do so we'll be more than happy to discuss our storytelling style with you. One of the things we're most excited about is the wedding album we just purchased as a sample for the show. We've stepped it up with this one offering la ...
best man helps groom with tie in mirror
Wedding Photographer as Observer
Have you ever been to a wedding and seen the photographer interrupting the action to pose a photo? Moving people to fit his or her idea of a wedding photo. Did that interfere with a conversation, a quiet moment or a round of shots? Yeah, that's not us. We have tossed around the the expression fly-on-the-wall at Stark Bellamy Photography but what do we really mean by that? We observe and photograph. In our newspaper days we were ethically bound not to interfere with whatever it was we were photographing. That means that we quite literally would have lost our job if we told someone to pose a certain way or to "pretend" to do something. ...