Happy Bride Dances at Reception
Photo Story: Happy Bride
So I was going through the archives and I found this little gem. Katie along with her bride's maids and guests dancing late into the night at Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park. You can just see the pure joy on her face. Katie and Shane had an amazing fairytale mountain wedding near their Longmont home. The whole wedding went of without a hitch and by the time the reception started, everyone was in full party mode. The dance floor was packed with sweaty bodies as the music thumped and pulsed. At one point the bartenders were even cutting loose in the middle of the dance floor in a masterful syncopation. You can see how much fun K ...
couple kissing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Engagement Session at the DCPA
Other than the occasional show or concert, I hadn't spent much time at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex since I was in high school. I used to escape the suburbs with my brothers and skateboard downtown. I remember skating down the parking garage at the DCPA one Sunday back when downtown was pretty much deserted on the weekends. During my senior year I worked as a call screener for talk show host Mike Rosen when the studios of 850KOA were in the building next door. Back then I had aspirations of working in radio and I would spend my breaks hanging out under the arched roofs of the complex. How times have changed. Once again ...
girls hand ladybug
A Little Video
Just a quick, fun little video I shot of my wife and kids playing in the garden. It was one of the first warm-enough days we had here in and my wife who owns Ethos Landscape and Design a sustainable landscape company... ...was chomping at the bit to get her hands dirty. It was a beautiful warm (for February) day so I grabbed my Canon DSLR and shot some video of them in the garden. This is one of my favorite things that my family does together. My kids have no problem with getting dirty, playing with bugs or even eating veggies right out of the garden. In fact they are 100x more likely to eat greens if they come from our garden and ...
Composite photo of 24 smaller photos of kids reading books
Kinder Books: SBP doing our part to help kids read
Kai Abelkis approached me to see if I would help his fledgling website get off the ground. His vision for a website that would offer age-appropriate children's books has been ten years in the making. Now that his project nears the reality phase, I was more than happy to jump on board to help. We chose Longmont Yarn Shoppe as  a location for the shoot, not only because it would offer a warm and cozy environment for shooting, but also because my wife, Jane Anderson, works there. I knew we could get in on a Sunday morning when the store would be closed and have the place to ourselves. I set up my lighting equipment as Kai pile ...
couple leaves through a lit doorway
Photo Story: A Bright Future
I love this photo from Jo and Paul's wedding in Denver a few years ago. It may be a bit egotistical but this photos is one of the moments when years of having to be quick on my feet (and my exposure) as a photojournalist payed off. It was a dark ceremony lit only by candles, I was at the limits of what was possible, for my camera at the time, to shoot at. High ISO and a slow shutter speed, a tough place to be if you don't have a steady hand and steadier mind. It was going to be a quick ceremony and I only had a few minutes to shoot as much as possible in the low light. Shooting the ceremony went of without a hitch and it was fun if no ...
Couple kisses
A Snowy Denver Engagement Session
OK this may come as a shock to the TV meteorologists but it snows in Colorado every Winter. So when snow fell on the morning of Kathryn and David's engagement shoot, we didn't even think of postponing. We just changed the location to an inside/outside venue. I knew the perfect spot! Originally we were heading to Red Rocks but we thought The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has great architecture with amazing lines and a roof that would provide partial cover from the snow. We met David and Kathryn around the corner at a coffee shop and headed out into the elements. These two are clearly in love and not afraid to show it. Chris ...
Winter Family Photos
I hear it all the time: the winter is no good for family photos. The weather is bad, nothing's green and the holidays are stressful. I like to turn these three objections around and say winter is the perfect time of year for taking family photos. True, the weather can be a challenge in Colorado, but, come on, 300+ days of sunshine and storms that come one day and leave the next? It's a perfect scenario for making great photos, especially if you and your photographer are flexible enough to move when the weather is right. I know, nothing's green. Good. Then your photos might look different from everyone else's. Winter's color palate can b ...
Grandma puts garter on bride
5 Factors to Consider When it Comes to Wedding Prices
How much does wedding photography cost? There is no denying it, wedding photography is not cheap. Well, it can be, but we all know what happens when Uncle Frank brings his nice new camera to the wedding... Here is a list to consider when you start pricing wedding photography, whether you look at packages or alacarte, these are some factors that you should keep in mind. 1. What is the photographer's base price? Just remember that if the price is too good to be true... it is! 2. Does the photographer offer packages? If so is he or she married to those prices? No two weddings are exactly the same, so we at Stark Bellamy offer packages ...
Man works in Photoshop
The video below is not our style! We use Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom almost everyday, but we use them sparingly. In our former lives as photojournalists it was against our ethics to add remove or otherwise alter a photo aside from slight exposure, color correction and cropping. Had we altered a photo in anyway by cloning, adding content, heavy dodging and burning or anything else, not only would we have been fired, but we would have been ostracized by the journalism community. Never working at a paper or magazine again. We carry that ethos into our wedding photography. We don't use filters or plugins to create a stylized "look" to ...
Bench made from Champion Cottonwood
Olberding’s Champion Cottonwood Bench
As a photojournalist and wedding photographer, I love photographing people. But, some of my most memorable shooting days have been in the studio shooting inanimate objects. Two weeks ago I had the honor of making photos of a beautiful piece called "Transition" created by Boulder County craftsman Chris Olberding. Chris was one of a handful of woodworkers asked to create pieces from Boulder County's Champion Cottonwood tree located just outside Longmont in the little hamlet of Hygiene. The tree, known for being the largest plains cottonwood in North America, was pronounced dead in 2012 by Boulder County officials after a nearly 50-year rei ...