Photo Story: World War II Veteran Bob Forrest
I came across this photo while searching the archive. I had been working at the Loveland Reporter-Herald for a few months and hadn't had a chance to shoot a Veterans Day in Loveland. I was looking forward to it but parades can be daunting. With so much going on it's hard to focus. One thing I learned from working for the Golden Transcript, where the Town of Golden held a parade nearly every weekend in the summer, was to find something unique and work it like crazy. It wasn't particularly shocked to see a tank in the middle of the parade staging area but I had a feeling something might happen there. I overheard someone say that one of the ...
Austin's Senior Portrait in Old Town Longmont
Senior Portraits in Downtown Longmont
Eric and I know Downtown Longmont pretty well. We both call it home. We were asked to find a spot for Austin's senior portraits and also some portraits with his sisters so we immediately thought about some of our favorite spots. Then we had a sudden realization that most of them were flooded out. I took it as an opportunity to scout Longmont with fresh eyes to find the perfect spot. As it turned out Austin and his family were looking for a fun, urban background rather than a natural scene. That was fine with us, since most of our scenic spots looked like a war zone. Downtown, however, was largely spared and we knew we would find some great ...
Fog Walk
Just some quick photos here. I woke up to a foggy morning and just went out to shoot some fun photos. I love taking fog photos. The transitory nature of it makes for beautiful and dramatic photos. So know I'll stop talking and post some photos.
graduation girls in the boys room
Photo Story: Girls in the Boy’s Room
The publishers of the Longmont Times-Call were not happy. There was a picture of a group of teenage girls standing near a line of urinals in the boys bathroom at Lyons High School, the photo splashed huge across the front of the graduation special section of the newspaper. It was fairly early in my newspaper career. I had recently finished an internship at the Times-Call and was freelancing there and at several other publications before my first staff job. I was assigned to shoot several commencements all just an hour or two apart. My plan was to shoot the kids getting ready for the ceremony before I had to run out to shoot another schoo ...
Photo Story: Good Work in the Face of Tragedy
In the wake of Septembers floods, I've had a lot of time to reflect on some of the tragedies that I've covered as a photojournalist. Some, like the Colorado floods or the tornado that ripped through Windsor in May of 2008, affected whole communities. But, more often than not, the tragedies happened to one person or a family in a community. It's times like these that community newspapers can do their best work. Early on in my career I felt extremely uneasy entering a situation in which someone lost their home to a fire or were just in a terrible accident. The uneasiness never goes away but I learned not to let it bother me as I go about m ...
10,000 Hours
Wait!!! nobody said there would be any math, this is a photo blog after all. Well this blog is about experience and I am going to use Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers and his concept of 10,000 hours to illustrate my point. In Outliers, Gladwell suggests that some of the greatest artists, innovators and inventors of our times were not only in the right place at the right time, but that they had over 10,000 hours of practice or experience in their field. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the Beatles are who they are today because they put in the time and payed their dues. So I started doing some calculations of my own; Chris and I ...
Photo Story: An Occasional Series About Photos We Love
I didn’t want to go that far back in time but it was the right thing to do. I knew poring over old my archive of photographs would lead to more than a few recoils of horror but the optimist in me said it would be cathartic. I knew my archive held more than a few diamonds in the rough - after all, I have been at for a quarter of a century. No sane person would spend that amount of time doing the same thing over and over - would they? Eric and I have talked for a while about doing an occasional series of blog posts that showcase photos we’re passionate about. We discussed that it would be an opportunity to talk about any kind of photo even t ...
Intimate Family Wedding in Pueblo
Jandi and Rodney wanted an intimate wedding with the closest of family and friends. And it had to be in Pueblo to make it easy for Jandi's grandmother to get to. What they got at Pueblo's Rusted Poppy Inn fit the bill. They rented out the whole Bed and Breakfast to be sure they had the space and time to have their wedding day flow effortlessly from ceremony to reception. What they didn't count on was the added drama of unprecedented Front Range flooding that slowed the arrival of many family members who came in from Northern Colorado and the progress of a photographer who navigated the backroads from Longmont to get to Interstate 25 and so ...
Resources for Weddings affected by the Colorado Floods
After the rushing waters recede and emergency efforts turn to recovery, other pressing concerns come to light. In the thick of this epic flood event, Eric and I were scheduled to attend the Bridal Festivals bridal show in Loveland last Sunday but organizers rescheduled to September 29. It's one of many events forced to reschedule because of flooding. Fall is a very popular time for weddings in Colorado and many were scheduled to take place in the flood-affected areas like Estes Park and Lyons. We have compiled a list of resources that may help you save the day. With information coming and going so fluidly in a crisis like this, it is by no ...
Please Help the Citizens of Northern Colorado
First of all, we hope all of our fellow Coloradans are OK! We are taking a break from wedding talk to show some flooding photos and ask you to donate to the Red Cross. It's going to take a while for all of us here in Northern Colorado to dig out. We don't even have a handle on how bad it is up here yet. As I've said before photojournalism is an itch that I just have to scratch sometimes. When something like all this flooding happens I feel compelled to go out and cover it. After I was sure that my family and friends were safe, I bagged my cameras and walked a few blocks down to the St. Vrain River to see what was happening. Its funny ...