Stark Bellamy Photography Evergreen Lake House Wedding Sunset bridal Portrait
Evergreen Lake House Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers
Last Summer about this time I had the privilege of shooting at one of the great Colorado wedding venues, the Evergreen Lake House. If you haven't seen it yet you really need to check it out! Evergreen Lake House Wedding I had the opportunity to shoot the Evergreen Lake House wedding of Emily and Dave with wedding photography veteran Steve Tinetti. Recently, I had been in my brother's wedding there, but until then I had never shot at this awesome venue. Emily and Dave just had a low key wedding with family and friends in the log cabin style venue. Every thing was decorated beautifully, drawing attention to the rustic charm of the Lake ...
Snowy Mountain wedding portrait Christina and Kenny
Stanley Hotel Wedding Details | Colorado Wedding Photographers
Christina had this wedding dialed in. She knew the location was gonna be great - and how can you miss with an iconic location like the Stanley Hotel. But she also put a ton of thought into the details and it really shows! Read on for more info about these Stanley Hotel Wedding Details.   Stanley Hotel Wedding Details Christina's wedding dress from Encore Bridal in Fort Collins was a classic choice with a lot of buttons. Remember the crochet hook for this one! Kenny's suit from Men's Warehouse provided the perfect balance to her beautiful dress. Wedding Rings Christina and Kenny purchased their rings at Fred Meyer Jewelers. ...
Dramatic Wedding Photography and Engagement Sunset couple Photo Colorado Wedding Photographers
Dramatic Wedding Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographers
How to use strobes in Dramatic Wedding Photography: So you see those photos of a bride and groom against a dramatic sunset (like the one here) or a couple sitting in a wine cellar and they are lit a different color from say the dramatic blue light of the cellar shelves and you wonder how you can make a photo like that at your next wedding... Dramatic Wedding Photography Using Strobes I believe one key to Dramatic Wedding Photography is using off camera strobes. The problem may be that you have mostly used on camera flash and are a bit intimidated by off camera flash. You read blogs and all the talk of TTL and dynamic range and blah blah bla ...
railroad wedding portrait
Same Sex Downtown Denver Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers
When we first met Nicole and Asher we knew their same sex Downtown Denver wedding was going to be different than any we had ever done. Asher is a therapist and Nicole a dominatrix so odds were that they weren't looking for a cookie cutter wedding. Same Sex Downtown Denver Wedding Downtown Denver was always going to figure into Asher and Nicole's wedding plans and we were glad to hear it. We love shooting in urban settings. It gives us an opportunity to work in an environment that can lift the event to a new level. A couple, dressed to the nines, pop against the stark harsh landscape that an urban downtown offers. And when we heard about N ...
Balnd White Wedding Photography Bride in a Swing Colorado Wedding Photographers Larissa and Aaron
Black and White Wedding Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographers
Color is distracting! There I said it! When you look at our site you may notice something, there is probably more black and white wedding photography than color. Why is that? Well the answer is pretty simple... Black and White Wedding Photography Depending on the photo, there are a lot of things going on: People are dressed in bright colors, flowers are every where, green grass, trees, etc., you get the picture, right? In that same photo is a woman in white and a man generally in black or grey. The white pops out but has to compete with all the color (by definition white is the absence of color) and the black blends in. This is why we like ...
Rustic Farm Engagement, Mead | Colorado Wedding Photographers | Larissa and Aaron
Larissa had a vision for an engagement session photo shoot with her fiance Aaron. She wanted a rustic farm setting with just the right amount of personality. Luckily, Eric and I had photographed a wedding a couple years back and knew just the place for their rustic farm engagement session in the plains town of Mead, Colorado. Perfect Rustic Farm Engagement Location Stillroven Farm, a private bird hunting preserve, immediately came to mind. The farm is set just the right distance from the majestic backdrop of Mount Meeker and Longs Peak. The farm's barns and various outbuildings had just the right amount of character to fit Larissa's visio ...
Stanley hotel Wedding Grand Staircase Stark Bellamy Photography
Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding, Estes Park| Colorado Wedding Photographers
Why do you plan your wedding at the Stanley Hotel in February? Because it is the Stanley and it is awesome year round! So what if its windy! The Victorian hotel in Estes Colorado is a icon and in case you didn't know, it is also beautiful. A Stanley Hotel Winter Wedding The Classic Colorado Venue Christina and Kenny had a simple plan, they wanted a small Stanley Hotel winter wedding with close friends and family. The ceremony itself would be in the Music Room, again iconic, then they would all move to The Lodge for the mid-day reception. In between the ceremony and reception we would do bridal portraits inside and after the reception we ...
Bride and Groom hold hands in dramatic light at their Windsong Estate Wedding in this photo by Stark Bellamy Photography
Windsong Estate Wedding Fireworks | Colorado Wedding Photographers | Brittany and Nick in Fort Collins
When Brittany and Nick mentioned wedding fireworks for their Windsong Estate Wedding, we were stoked. While there were plenty of sparks between these two, we knew that fireworks exploding in the sky just a couple days ahead of Independence Day would provide the perfect metaphor to tell their story. A Windsong Estate Wedding and a Perfect Plan Their Windsong Estate Wedding near Fort Collins was planned to perfection. The couple planned for an outside wedding with a reception to follow immediately inside. The elegant sophistication of the venue offered a surprising contrast to the surrounding farmlands east of Fort Collins. Amongst this ...
union station wedding portrait
Back in Print – Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine
  We were pretty jaded back in the day. Chris and my photos have been published in national and international magazines and newspapers in addition to the local papers we worked for but this... this is different! Gay Weddings and Marriage   Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine saw Asher and Nicole's wedding on Two Bright Lights and asked if we'd like to have it published in their glossy and beautiful magazine. Of course we would! It was hard waiting to see the finished product but it was worth it! What a great spread. We even got a double truck (one photo across two pages) and it's in black and white. Who publishes b& ...
man kisses woman in red coat by stone church
Estes Park Engagement Session
Many weddings happen in Estes Park and we’ve shot a few. But, Brittany and Nick liked the idea of engagement photos done in the small town at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. After making photos in town we talked about heading toward the National Park or perhaps to the Chapel on the Rock at the St. Malo Retreat Center. We loved the idea. We met behind the shops along Big Thompson Avenue and made our way along the walking plaza that follows the river, stopping whenever a background caught our eye or the light was just right. Once we exhausted all the spots along the river, we decided to chase the light to the Chapel on the R ...