Best WEdding Photos of the year
January 1, 2015

Our Best Wedding Photos of the Year: 2014


We want to thank all the happy couples out there. It was great year for us at Stark Bellamy Photography and we couldn’t have done it without you! So we have put together a months worth of  our favorite photos. We used to do this every year at our respective newspapers so we thought it would be a fun tradition to continue.

So without further ado, here are our favorite wedding, portrait and engagement photos, one photo a day for the next 30 days…

Groom struggling with ringDay 31: David jokes around as he places the ring on Kathryn’s hand the final photo for our Best Wedding Photos of 2014. We love making photos of moments like this. It really brings out the personality in the couple.

Candle light wedding in vailDay 30: We loved this wedding, even though it was one of the most challenging of the year. Imagine photographing a wedding in pitch dark lit only by a few lanterns. I think the photo of Brian and Leslie accurately shows what were were dealing with that night in Vail, CO.

Sisters moment before the sendoffDay 29: I love this moment between sisters Lauren and Lexy just before Lexy leaves from her wedding with her new husband Jonathan.

Bridesmaid does makeup in parking lotDay 28: Love finding photos like this. A resourceful bridesmaid can do her makeup anywhere!

POY 2014-0025Day 27: Can’t say enough about the light from Kathryn and David’s wedding at Mount Vernon Country Club. We stayed until the last bit of light left.

Bride drinks champagne at sunsetDay 26: Ok this one is posed but I just couldn’t pass up this gorgeous Colorado sunset! Oh and the arbor at Brookside Gardens was pretty cool too.

POY 2014-0012Lexy and Jonathan dance for the first time as a couple. The character of a room plays a big part in a couple’s big day. We like to look for interesting architectural backgrounds that help us showcase the couple.

reception dance floor shoutDay 24: I love a photo with layers! So many things going on in one photo from Kathryn and David’s Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding. As my photo editors always said, “get it right in camera”, no setup here just timing and a little luck.

imageDay 23: Another great moment from Suzanne and Brian’s backyard wedding makes it to our Best Wedding Photos of 2014. The warm light and shallow depth of field lend a dreamlike effect to the photo – an effect that often seems to color the memories of a couples’ wedding day.

Groom cries hugs parentsDay 22: Donovan embraces his parents at the wedding reception after the ceremony. This is the stuff we love, it isn’t a perfect photo but there is genuine emotion here, a moment that cannot be duplicated.

Couple kissing surrounded by green foliageDay 21: I’ve learned to love backyard weddings. Unlike a traditional churches or wedding venues, backyard weddings are always surprise us with interesting backgrounds like this one at Suzanne and Brian’s wedding in fort Collins.

nervous flower girls before weddingDay 20: Its not only the bride and groom that get the pre-wedding jitters, but these two cuties performed their duties perfectly!

break dancing at the receptionDay 19: You never know what’s going to happen at the reception. This guy showed off some of his break dance moves during Lexy and Jonathan’s Brookside Gardens wedding. Too bad he wasn’t wearing parachute pants.

Brides Maid Dress applies makeupDay 18: A purple bride’s maid dress frames Halley after she finished the Kathryn’s makeup. A little color here, it’s not always B&W at SBP.

bride going in for a hugDay 17: I love the timeless feel of this photo of Leslie going in for a hug on the streets of Vail. Something about it seems like it could have been taken last week or 30 years ago.

wedding Rings on dictionaryDay 16: A little back story here. We are former journalists and shoot a lot of journalist weddings. Here the bride and groom (both journos) had all of their guests sign a dictionary. I thought it would be cool to shoot the rings on the fourth estate.

POY 2014-0009Day 15: I love this moment from Lexy and Jonathan’s wedding at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud. To me it shows just how much her friends and family support the bride on her big day and just how much preparation goes into such an important moment of her life.

Ourdoor wedding amazing clouds and skyDay 14: Another perfect mountain wedding in Colorado. Look at that sky. We love this photo taken at Mount Vernon Country club! Think Ansel Adams would approve?

POY 2014-0023Day 13: David’s brother plants a big kiss just before the start of the ceremony at Mount Vernon Country Club. “You never know what’s going to happen – but have your camera ready when it does.” Wise words from a Photojournalism professor.

ring barer gets hair doneDay 12: Good light and a quick spray of water makes for a fun little moment before the wedding of Lexy and Jonathan at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud.

bride ringDay 11: Kathryn’s ring shows proudly on her hand as she celebrates during a quiet moment with David shortly after they tied the knot. I love capturing subtle details like this especially when the light is perfect.

bride leaning on door frame black and white imageDay 10: A captured moment just before the start of Caitlin’s ceremony offers a touch of glamour to the story of her and Larson’s big day. I love moments like these. They don’t last long, they aren’t posed and something about them make our fly-on-the-wall approach seem so right.

Bride groom moment aloneDay 9: Hey look color! Lexy and Jonathan steal a moment alone after exchanging vows. I’m pretty proud of this one, it was shot through two windows and reflections of bushes that were moving in the breeze!

POY 2014-0018Day 8: We think it’s important to have a photographer with the bride and groom to make sure we get moments like this one of Brian before he says, “I do.”

bride and groom sign marriage licenseDay 7: We loved this wedding, shooting in near darkness with only lanterns also made it the hardest wedding of the year for us, but so worth it!

bride and groom in meadow magic hour light and bouquetDay 6: Kathryn and David enjoy a post-ceremony moment together in the magic light as the Colorado sun sets over Mount Vernon Country Club. Some photos look great in Black and White, like our previous five. This one screams color.

groom criesDay 5: Moments before the wedding, Donovan wipes away a tear after receiving a card from his bride-to-be. Starting to see a theme here? We love the reality of what happens at a wedding, you could never fake this.

woman an man dancing in dramatic lightDay 4: Some of our best photos this year were not of the bride and groom. We are always on the lookout for moments like this that show the just how much guests are enjoying the party, too.

Editorial wedding photographyDay 3: This was just a quick grab while Brian and Leslie were walking through Vail Village on the way dinner, but a really fun little moment.

POY 2014-0000Day 2: Lexy takes a peek outside in the moments leading up to her ceremony. Whether it’s pre-wedding jitters or happy anticipation, we look for photos like this one help tell the story of the day.

20140629 Caitlin-Eric WeddingDay 1: We talk a lot about real moments and emotions and here is a perfect example; mom helping daughter before the wedding. Its just a small little moment but something they will share for ever.

Eric and Chris believe that the best photos in life aren’t posed, but happen naturally. As your wedding day unfolds, they will be there for every laugh and every tear. Two primary wedding photographers to capture every moment and emotion inside or out, rain or shine. And they will shoot all your portraits, too.