black and white of photograpers in alley

Eric and Chris

We are real photojournalists experienced in capturing genuine and beautiful storytelling photos. We photograph real moments and real emotions.


What We Do

With Eric and Chris of Stark Bellamy Photography shooting your special day, the photography is one less thing you have to worry about. With a from-the-hip, fly-on-the-wall, photojournalism style Eric and Chris will capture the genuine moments of your wedding day with minimal interference and, with the exception of formal portraits, no setup photos.


What You Get

Once Eric and Chris have the photos in camera, they spend hours selecting and toning the photographs that best tell the story of your day. They hand tone every image in both color and Black and White to be sure each one has the timeless feel your love story deserves. No filters here. Just honest photography.


Then Eric and Chris will present your wedding photos in their signature Stark Bellamy Photography reveal, a custom slideshow of photographers’ favorites selected to highlight the best moments of your wedding day. You also get an archive copy of all edited photos – usually 300-500 images, depending on the wedding.


So, now you have the digital copies, now what? Let them sit on your hard drive? It’s kind of hard to pass down a thumb drive full of images to your grandkids. Is the technology going to exist to view them in 20 years…50 years. Eric and Chris know there’s nothing quite like holding a photograph in your hands and that’s why they offer custom albums and prints. Stark Bellamy Photography only works with labs that use quality archival paper to ensure your photos will stand the test of time. The Signature Stark Bellamy Album and High Quality Prints are worth passing to the next generation and beyond.

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